Speed and AgilityYOU CAN TEACH SPEED! Serious athletes need to be fast, and although some are born with great speed, the fact is anyone can develop better speed with the right drills. In Unique Physique’s Speed and Agility training we will teach you the proper techniques for speed and quickness. We also provide training in multi-directional speed since most sports require stopping, starting and acceleration. So if you or your team wants to get faster, we can show you how.

June 12 thru August 2
8 weeks-16 sessions
* Monday & Wednesday 9:30am-11:30am ( 1 hour weight training 1 hour speed and agility)
* All sports (ages 8 and up)
* Cost $320 for all 16 sessions or $24 drop in per person
* Call for TEAM discounts

Trainer: John Kerchner, M.S. Exercise Science and NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist.
For information or questions contact John at 717-873-0234